Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ted - Phase 2 - Day Something Another

Yea, I've lost count. As I mentioned in my last post several days ago I've run into a situation with my job that has thrown me a curve ball and has really messed with things, more mentally than physically. So, it's been hard to keep up with the posting. I'll try and do better.

For the most part the diet is still going well. I've been pleasantly surprised with not only my lack of cravings over all but how quickly I feel full while eating. I'm not willing to give full credit to the diet for that, not yet anyway. Some of it may also relate to the situation I'm going though. Some people eat  during times like this, some lose their appetite. I've actually been known to do both over the years. But that's life, things happen and we can't just stop everything because something might not be working out as well as we had hoped in other areas of our life. Struggling with job issues is nothing new for many of us. There are many people out there that are unemployed, under-employed or just feel like they have a calling greater or more suited to them than what they are doing now. They are fighting to make it happen. All the while still trying to drop a few pounds.

I haven't posted may daily intake of food much since starting Phase 2. I get to the office and I stay very busy for the rest of the day. Lucky to squeeze in an apple or a cup of yogurt. I usually made a point to blog quickly while eating lunch, but for the last week I've barely eaten lunch. With that said the addition of a few carbs has been a nice change of pace. Brown rice, oatmeal, potatoes. In fact I'm looking forward to a steak and potato(e) lunch. We'll, actually a baked new potato(e) and left over grilled hamburger patty, but sometimes perception is reality. Why New Potatoes? A few reasons. One, they are smaller, finding a reasonable sized Idaho style potato(e) in the store is difficult. They are all the size of an large guinea pig, sans fur. Well, I guess that depends on where you shop. We'll just say that a furless potato(e) is ideal. Second reason? Low in starch. When in doubt, buy waxy.

We also whipped up some crab cakes the other night that were pretty darn easy.

• Jumbo lump crab meat
• Several egg whites
• Old Bay Seasoning

Form into patties. Table spoon of oil in a non-stick pan, sprinkle the outside of the patties with a bit of wheat germ (go easy on the germ, keep the Purell near by). Cook up and eat said cake.  Sorry for the lack of measurements but I rarely measure.

Aside from that we haven't gone crazy with the carbs as I was expecting. But alternating carb days along with not eating them for dinner has allowed us a few items while not going overboard. (more on this later)

Here's a quick rundown of food you might have missed due to my ode to slack.

• Grits and eggs
• Crab Cake with spinach salad and sauteed mushrooms
• Grilled cheese burger
• Baked Sweet Potato
• Pork fried brown rice
• Oatmeal with blueberries and a spoonfull of Almond butter.

We had Dr. Mike's Power Cookie for breakfast this morning along with a smoothie. I'll let Lucy discuss the details since she made them, but I will throw out a "yum" to close out this post.

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