Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lucy - Day 17 Final Day of Phase 1!

I'm excited about "The Weigh In" tomorrow! Well, you know how I love to see the numbers. But I've also noticed that my body's looking smaller. We won't talk about specifics, because it's none of your bee's wax, but I'm beginning to see less of me! Ted agrees (or he's just being nice so I don't thwack him)!

We'd planned on grilled fish and veggies last night, but yesterday was a grueling one, and neither Ted nor I had it in us to cook. So, we took the leftover chili out of the freezer, defrosted, and Ta Da! See, remember when I talked about "what if you don't want what you planned"? It was one of those days we wanted to blow it on Zaxby's chicken fingers, a Krystal milkquake and a Snickers bar, but we didn't. After dinner, we had some hot tea and watched American Idol, and were satisfied. I can't believe we beat the "crappy day syndrome!" Yay for us!

So, tonight, we're having roasted turkey loin and veggies, then on to Day 1 of Phase 2. Oatmeal, here I come!

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