Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lucy - Day 13

Yep, Ted's right...that little venture to the Italian restaurant was HELL! Smelling the pizza and garlic rolls was pure horror, but we got through it.

We slept in a little later than normal today since we saw a very late movie and didn't get to bed until after 1am. I had every intention of exercising today, but am having a bit of a hip problem. It's not a new thing, just one that creeps up every now and then. Comes from having a bit of a crooked spine, apparently. It could be from having the incline on the treadmill set too high or sitting on the hearth in front of the fire too long last night. Whatever it is, it's gotten better since very early this morning, when standing up was hard. So, I decided to skip the walk. I'll try again tomorrow morning.

Drinking enough water on the weekends is tough. During the week, I'm sitting at a desk where my water bottle is right in front of me all day; a constant reminder to "drink me." Also, when I have co-workers come by my office, it's a easy way to shut up and listen. Weekends are so off-schedule, though, I literally have to stand in the kitchen and just drink 20 oz. uninterrupted. And trust me, with all the protein and salad, water is essential.

Ted and I planned our menus for next week last night, and I completed them today for the week after that. We try to make enough for dinner so we can have leftovers for lunch, making preparation easier. Next Friday, we start the 1st day of Phase 2, which, allows us to add in shellfish, beans & peas, some starchy veggies, lean beef and pork, and some yummy breakfast foods like oatmeal, grits and cream of wheat.

However, Phase 2 is tricky since the idea is to confuse your body: starches 1 day, no starches the next day. So Friday, we can have oatmeal for breakfast, protein and starch for lunch, and shellfish for dinner, then Saturday, we go back to the Phase 1 meal plans with no starches or beef/pork/shellfish. Just like "muscle confusion" when you exercise so your body doesn't get used to the same exercises, the 17-Day Diet is confusing your body by doing something different after the 1st 17-days, which is more like a cleanse. In order to make sure we're on track, writing down our menus is imperative to us with the busy life we lead. Otherwise, throwing a potato in on the day we're suppose to be eating off the Phase 1 menus would be too easy.

I like to plan my menus and grocery lists, and post the menus on the fridge, kinda like you're back in middle school and you're checking out the lunch menu each day. Not only does it give us something to look forward to, but it actually helps avoid buying things we don't need, and not having meals prepared. How often have you planned to have something for dinner, gotten home and though, "Man, I really don't want that. I think I'll order a pizza instead"? Yep, used to happen here all the time. And if we DO get that feeling, there's another menu on the list that's not going to blow it just waiting.

I'm looking forward to next Friday when I'm allowed to weigh again. And I promise, I really will wait. Fridays seem to be good days for me.

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