Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 14 - Ted

Happy Valentines Day!

OK, I'm a day late, but I usually update the previous day the next day so I can be sure to give you accurate info.

Monday's are kinda hard for me. Not because of the diet, but because I'm so busy at work on Mondays it's hard to eat what I need when I need to.

• Kefir Smoothie - Used blue berries and pears
• Green Tea

• Left over turkey stuff peppers
• CarbMaster Yogurt

• Carrots

• Taco Salad (Once again, excellent!)

• About 20 oz - Did really bad

Valentines Day had it's challenges, we all know why. More on this later as I have a few write ups coming soon. But over all, doing well.

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