Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ted - Day 2 - Phase 2

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. A few days ago I got thrown a curve ball that is work related and it's kinda made me sad. But on a happy note I've been pushing through it and did not cheat. Which in the past I would have definitely done. But honestly it just sucked the wind out of my sails and stole my appetite.  So the last four days I've been not drinking the amount of water I need, and really not eating enough food. In fact for two days straight I just didn't eat lunch at work. Hopefully it will get better soon. On the days I missed posting the diet was largely the same. We didn't do anything dramatically different. As Lucy said we did get oatmeal and sweet potatoes on Day 1 of Phase 2.

Now on the the good news. My weigh in for the end of Phase 1. Drum roll please...  240.6 lbs. That's down 13.8 lbs in 17 days. For some perspective the most I ever lost on Weight Watchers was 16 lbs in 3 months. Now I've stated in the past that I do feel I was doing WW incorrectly, so don't hold that as a bad reflection on WW. A little more perspective, I didn't exercise the first 17 days. Yes, I know I should have. And I have a post coming discussing my feelings on exercise. Also, I only weighted once on Day 1 and once on Day 17. Not in-between. I also have a post coming regarding that subject as well. Both excellent topics to get more discussing flowing.

So, aside from my personal drama, I'm happy with the results. Now Phase 2 may be a little different as I've never lost more than 16 lbs, ever. It's always been my point of stale mate. Charging on.

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