Friday, February 25, 2011

I hate sweating

Ah exercise. How I loathe thee. Now I'm going to be honest, for awhile I've been telling you I was going to sit down and knock out a post spelling out my thoughts on exercise. And as Lucy will testify, I can't spell. Exercise apparently doesn't contain a "z" as my spell check keeps telling me, but it might as well contain many of them considering how sleepy I get afterwards. Oh, and mousse, the kind you style your hair with or the type used to give your cocker spaniel a mohawk is not spelled "moose." Who knew.

Back to my lack of exercise. I don't like exercise. You know that wonderful refreshed feeling you see people get after taking their early morning run, yeah, not happening. I'm not a morning person and the times I have gotten up and taken a run, walk or anything else that would be considered aerobic it just seemed to use up all that energy I worked so hard to store up while sleeping. Thus making me more tired than I was to begin with.

I'm not new to the concept, there was a time I could stand getting my heart rate above 70 in the name of health, or even more amazing, fun. I played tennis and football in high school. For years after graduating from college I took a nightly run of a mile or two. Even recently I made it through about 60 days of P90x.

OK, so what's the hold up. I just don't want to. Simple as that. I'd much rather do other things, like study for class. All those years I spent exercising like I was told and I never hardly lost a pound. So it's hard to convince myself that it's worth the time. Now, deep down I know I need to, and I plan on it eventually. There were times I enjoyed P90x, but after awhile my knees an ankles couldn't take the beating and I really didn't think I could continue without losing some upper body weight to take off the pressure. Which was even more disheartening after not losing any weight after 60 days. I've discussed this in the past and will openly say that my lack of weight loss was not the fault of P90x. It was the supplement I was drinking while following the program, a supplement that is not part of the program.

Will I exercise? Yes, I will. Soon, maybe, we'll see. The book doesn't ask for much, brisk walking for 17 min a day, we should all be able to do that. I just don't want to. Lucy seems to feel that I won't lose another pound on any diet without exercise, I don't completely feel that way, but I do know that I will have better results with exercise. So don't let my lack of motivation drag you down. Be better than me, force through it. Break a sweat, do your body good.

So, will I exercise? Yes, I will. Soon, maybe, we'll see. I just wanted to give you an explanation, I wish my reasoning was more deep than, "I'd rather do other things" but it is what it is.

Side note: I've very very proud of Lucy for continuing to exercise without me. I know it's hard.


  1. Ted -- I can SO RELATE to the "I don't like exercise" thing. I'm a fine artist, working at home, so I do a lot of sitting around on my butt. Add to that the fact that through my 4 surgeries over the past 10 months I wasn't SUPPOSED to exercise for quite a while afterwards ... AND I developed a nasty case of heel-bone-spurs last summer, which are still very painful, no matter what my Podiatrist and I have tried (thanks to the anti-cancer medication I'm on ... which actually damages bones and joints!) That means even walking 17 minutes is now a chore involving true pain. So I don't want to preach, but I do want to say BE GRATEFUL, Ted and Lucy, and anyone else reading this, that you CAN exercise. Now, go jump on that treadmill FOR ME, because I would if I could. I know it would help me as I diet too! Good news for me though ... this is my third day on the 17-day diet, and I've already lost 2.5 pounds! YAY! Feeling kinda light-headed in the late afternoons due to the carbless thing ... but I'll adjust. I'm a carb junkie, so this is true withdrawal.

    OH -- and I passed your blog-link onto a dear friend of mine today, who is also going to try the 17-Day Diet! She's excited, and I told her your blog might help her too. I know it's helping me! I feel like I'm in such great company here! Thanks again, Ted and Lucy!

  2. Thanks Ruth, you're an inspiration.