Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2 - Lucy

After reading Ted's blog earlier, I agree that a little something sweet after dinner was the only thing I was missing. I'm currently noshing on some red grapes after my lunch of leftover tilapia and baked cabbage, accompanied by some carrots. The grapes would have been perfect after dinner, but alas, the rule is that you can't have carbs after 2pm: fruit's a carb. Poo.

It was interesting that Ted and I talked about how on Weight Watchers, he realized he was eating carb after carb after carb. No wonder we plateaued! Even if we were eating the points we were allowed, we weren't watching WHAT or WHEN we ate. Hindsight is a bear.

I ate all the same things Ted did yesterday, and I got in about 48 oz. of water. Actually, better than I expected since I'm not a thirsty girl. Ted could drink 24/7, but I can barely get through a beverage during a meal. He's always saying that if we ever get pregnant, he'd have to force-feed me liquids. If nothing else, I force myself to drink during this diet because all the veggies, green tea and probiotics will come back to haunt you if you don't.

I have to work in some exercise, too. The book suggests 17 minutes of walking or light exercise per day for the 1st Cycle. More than that, and I think you'd be picking yourself up off the floor due to lack of carbs and calories. We have a treadmill, and I really need to make use of it in the morning. It's just so hard to get up!! I need some motivation...any ideas?

I'm going to look like the girl in the photo...I am. We're hoping to go to the beach for a few days in May, and I want a new swimsuit!

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  1. Just found your blog & am really excited to see your progress! Reading this, we sound like the same person :) Wanting to start this diet asap.