Saturday, March 5, 2011

X - Day 1

Ok, I've finally started. Finally started exercising. I've already discussed that it's not my first love. Lucy is.

Overall with exercising it's just really hard to first: get motivated, second: find the time to keep it up and third: not stop when the results don't appear as quickly as I would like. But we all have to stop somewhere and if Ruth's comment on my "I Hate Sweating" post isn't enough to get you off the couch, then nothing will. Thank you for that Ruth.

The 17 Day Diet book recommends 17 min a day of walking to start then up you level of activity from there. I've decided that if I'm going to really do this, I need to go a little further. Bring on the P90X. I mentioned awhile back that I had started P90X many months ago. I made it though 60 days of the Lean program before giving up. Why? I actually gained weight. Now X will put muscle on you, no doubt. Muscle weighs more than fat, thus the scale can be deceiving. But you should be able to definitely tell when you lose fat. What did I do wrong? Be very careful of protein shakes. Not all shakes are the same. Some contain creatine and it will pack weight on you faster than Krispy Kreme. After every workout I would drink a protein shake to help with muscle recovery and lessen soreness. In that case, it worked. But I really believe it helped sabotage my weight loss. I heard this from other people as well. I was buying the big container from Wal-Mart (and I hate Wal-Mart) mainly due to the fact that you got a five gallon bucket of the stuff for 12 bucks. Then when I was done I could use the container to mix tile grout in. So, the moral is if you wish to partake in a protein shake find something without Creatine. The Biggest Loser makes a shake powder that is low in cals and fat. Shakeology might also be a good place to look.

Now, back to my workout. P90X is a six/seven day workout. Six days on and one day off, or you can do the stretch video on day seven. It rotates between weight training and cardio. Each session is about one hour long. The first 15 min is warm up, the last 10 is cool down and the in-between is two sets of reps. I've often found the warm up too slow, so I've decided to use the treadmill to warm up until the specific muscle stretches begin. If you are working chest and back that day, you need to warm up those muscle groups. I'll also shorten the cool down. I know they are both important to help keep you from sustaining and injury, but I also have to find a way to trim some time off the workout.

Today I got through the first session of reps before having to stop. I'm a "passer-outer" and it doesn't take much for me to hit the floor. I'm like one of those fainting goats. So when I got so light headed that I had to pull the ole put your head between your knees routine I knew it was time to call it. But it was better than the last time when I passed out in the Verizon store.

How will this affect my 17 Day Diet? I don't think it will skew my numbers dramatically. The exercise is called for on 17 Day and the diets of X and 17DD Cycle 3 are not that different.

Today is Day 1 and I plan to get in 60 days before we go to the beach in May.

What type of exercising is everyone out there doing? Running, walking, gym, treadmill, weight training, kung fu, tabata, jujitsu, krav maga, yoga?

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