Monday, January 31, 2011

Why - The 17 Day Diet?

 ...and Why The 17 Day Diet?

After doing some research and reading the book we had to make the call if T17DD was going to be something we were willing to give a try. So, why did we choose it. Well, here are my reasons.

Cycles: T17DD is built off an idea not too much unlike the muscle confusion that you receive in P90X. It's just metabolic confusion. Switching it up every 17 days keeps your body guessing. A good time for someone like me who can easily get stuck in a rut.

17 Days isn't long: I can see how parts of this diet are going to be hard, especially Phase 1. But it's only 1,468,800 seconds and then it changes.

Reset: My cells are overloaded with ick. T17DD looks like a hard rebooting of your system.

Relearn: By the time you get to Phase 3 and 4 I feel like you might actually relearn how to eat correctly. We'll see.

Quick loss: We all hate waiting. But it's worse when you have to wait 4 weeks to only lose 2 pounds. T17DD allows for faster loss. Which I'll admit worried me at first, since it was the opposite of what I had always heard. But they do a good job in the book of backing up the science.

CONCERNS: I have to admit. I have a few concerns. The first two phases of the diet contains a lot of repeat foods. How soon before you get sick of the same thing? How long can one sustain it?  My other concern is it's nearly impossible to eat out. Saves money sure, but some days you are just dog tired and can't think about getting into the kitchen to cook. This has often been our achillies heel with Weight Watchers in the past. And at least with WW you can throw a SmartOne in the microwave and call it a night. I believe there are ways to hopfully avoid these issues for at least 34 days. Things open up at Phase 3.

What is T17DD?
I sent you to the the main website eariler for the info. But I think a quick overview is worth our time.

T17DD is broken up into 4 parts with names like Accelerate and Achieve. Here is the list per Terri's blog.

Accelerate: This promotes fast weight loss by eating low carbohydrates and “cleansing” the body
Activate: This is a metabolism boosting cycle where the metabolism is “re-set”
Achieve: “Good” carbohydrates are introduced into the body
Arrive: A lifestyle eating plan that combines the first 3 Cycles

The best explanation is to watch the videos here

I'm not going to post food lists or all the details that are in the book. I just don't what to get in trouble. What I plan on doing is charting my progress.

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